About the HPC

south orange ave. in 1910
Our Work

• We work to preserve historic districts, properties, sites, structures and objects in the Township of South Orange Village, New Jersey, 07079.

We identify and catalog the historic and architecturally significant properties, buildings, structures, sites, districts and objects.

• We create the Master Plan element that focuses on the history of South Orange and the preservation of our historic structures and neighborhoods.

• We advise the S.O. Planning Board and Zoning Board on applications for development on properties with designated landmarks or located in historic districts.

• We monitor and advise on new development as it relates to maintaining the integrity of the historical scale and harmony of the township.

• We determine whether to issue certificates of appropriateness for the demolition, relocation or subdivision of designated buildings/properties and buildings and properties in designated historic districts. 

• We advise on and regulate alterations to historic resources and discourage unnecessary demolition, destruction or other actions disruptive of historic resources.

Visit the Township of South Orange Village website at https://www.southorange.org/326/Historic-Preservation-Commission

Our Mission

We promote an appreciation of our cultural, physical and architectural heritage, including historic landmarks, by engaging, involving and communicating with stakeholders and all residents  about the importance of preserving the  cultural heritage of the Village of South Orange.

We maintain cohesive neighborhoods by promoting a compatible and harmonious context for historic buildings, structures, sites, and districts and by discouraging out of scale and other inappropriate new construction that would be destructive of the character of our historic neighborhoods.

Our Beginning

The Board of Trustees of the Township of South Orange Village established the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) by Ordinance #2012-09. The responsibilities of the HPC are stated fully in Section 7 of Ordinance #2016-09.

Our commissioners are either South Orange residents or business owners who have a demonstrated interest in or knowledge of South Orange history, and are interested in the history and preservation of South Orange. Many of the commissioners have expertise in building design, construction, architecture or architectural history. 

More information about the HPC can be found at: https://www.southorange.org/326/Historic-Preservation-Commission