Public Participation

South Orange train station before it was elevated

The South Orange Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) recognizes that there is wide range of stakeholders within the Village who are or may become interested in historic preservation. The Commission welcomes suggestions for implementing historic preservation. Public participation is encouraged via:


Education in the Historic Preservation Planning Process

The HPC strives to make information available on historic preservation incentives, programs, activities, and opportunities that are available from local, state, federal and private sources.  South Orange can facilitate the better understanding and appreciation of historic resources through publicizing preservation successes and developing or sponsoring educational preservation workshops.

The HPC can serve as a local resource for technical information on historic preservation, providing guidance for new construction or alterations in historic neighborhoods and commercial districts. The commission should continue its efforts to develop and sponsor workshops and publish technical bulletins for homeowners about historically appropriate construction and renovation.

We can also help to assist and guide property owners in identification and nomination of their properties for national, state and local historic recognition.

Are there any open positions on the HPC? How do I apply to become a Commissioner on the HPC?  

Position vacancies are noted on the Village website.