Historic Preservation Commission

South Orange Village Hall
Village Hall in the Township of South Orange Village

Township of South Orange Village

When people come to South Orange, they are impressed by the beautiful architecture in our small town, like the firehouse, the train station and Village Hall.

Our job as the HPC of South Orange is to preserve the historic districts, properties, sites, structures and objects in our township. We identify and catalog the historic and architecturally significant properties, buildings, structures, sites and objects.

We promote an appreciation of our cultural, physical and architectural heritage, including historic landmarks, by engaging, involving and communicating with stakeholders and all residents  about the importance of preserving the  cultural heritage of the Village.

We maintain cohesive neighborhoods by promoting a compatible and harmonious context for historic buildings, structures, sites, and districts and by discouraging out of scale and other inappropriate new construction that would be destructive of the character of our historic neighborhoods.

We are currently looking to fill several openings on the HPC. If you love historic preservation, classic architecture or local history, send us an email and learn how you can get involved and give back to our vibrant community. odavis@southorange.org